Tyra's Michael inspired photoshoot?

Tyra Banks poses like a mannequin modeling clothes during a photo shoot in Soho

HAHA Nooooo! Not Michael Jackson inspired photoshoot but definatley a King of Pop inspired Photo! I guess our girl picked up a few things on set of the Black and White video in which she made a cameo in! I just love this pic its too cute...dont you??

Tyra arriving in LA

All smiles Loves it!! Must have been on her way to that party she tweeted about earlier... will try to get that pic for you guys!!

Weekly Recap

Sooo I just want to do a run down on whats poppin off!! The number one thing that everyone is probably most excited about is that Tyra is now officially on twitter! You can find her under her username @tyrabanks It's no longer @officialtyra. Secondly I want to remind you to continue voting for Tyra and America's Next Top Model for their teen choice award nomindation. Time is not up yet and you can vote everyday! Also be sure to tune in to e CW network in Aug for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Tyra is up a nomination in the talk show informative category!!

New stuff! People have come across a SIM character that they say looks just like Tyra Banks....What do you think??

Words for the Wise!

Have you ever seen a rose (in its natural state) w/o a thorn?? Chances are you haven't!. Like roses we too...have thorns or imperfections but we must look past them and see the true beauty in life and ppl around us! Today go out and inspire others to see the beauty in their imperfections!

What to expect??

Below is an interview compliments of the CW with Tyra banks about what to expect from the next season of top model and season 5 of the talk show!Check it out I dont know bout yal but im excited!!!

Out shopping

So this guy ran into Tyra out shopping yesterday and filmed this. I really hate to post it because I feel sometimes you can tell when people don't want to be bothered! I understand that its the celebrity life and all...But paparzi are human too and know how it is when you just wanna spend time with your people with out a camera in your face! SMH!

Guess who's officially on Twitter

YASSS!!! Tyra banks is officially on twitter, not a fake I promise lol Who else keeps you up on all the lates correct news about Tyra...DUH Me...and one other but anywhoo this is her username...be sure to follow her!! officialtyra

Emmy Nomination

Hey y'all in case you haven't heard Tyra is up for another emmy nomination for Best Talk Show Informative. Tune in to the CW network August 30 at 8 p.m. to watch and cheer for our girl!!

Best Talk Show (Informative)

-The Doctors

-Dr. Phil’

-The Tyra Banks Show

Tyra Show Season 5 promo (kinda)

In case you haven't heard Our favorite talk show is moving to the CW this fall! Check out this video made by a fierce fan!! Great Job!

Send me some links of your Tyra-fan videos and I'll try to post as well!

All New Friday!

Tomorow's show is all new!!! On friday guests tell us how to break down the "BRO CODE" and Dr. Michelle stops by to talk about her new book on dating! Can't wait for the new episode, its been a drought! Come back and comment on what you liked and found useful!

Tyra Ranks 5 in Most Influential Women

Tyra Banks ranks 5th in Televisions most influential women only following Oprah Winfrey, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, and Ellen Degeneres. Congrats to you Tyra and all the other women mention! Thanks for all your hard work You are truly touching the lives of young woman everywhere! Peace Love and Light!

Keeping it Fierce!

What's up everybody welcome to the page! If you can't see this page is dedicated to one of the most influential persons in my life. Yes I am talking about the queen of all things fierce Ms. Tyra Banks!! Being an athlete and tom boy-ish in my childhood I didn't pay much attention to her in my younger days (her modeling days) But through her show and my good friends and family I have become the beautiful strong-minded and goal oriented woman I am today. So thanks to all of you!! Hope you enjoy the site! I will be posting pics, articles, and anything else tyra related or things I find unique!!