Video of Ty at Phileo

Someone sent this video to me of Ty at Phileo. Its from the same day of the picture below. Also if you haven't heard yet Tyra has launched a plus sized teen modeling contest for girls 13-19 size 12 and up. For more info click the following link!

Sprinkle a lil Ty Ty

Yesterday (Jan.19th) Ty enjoyed some nice fro yo (with sprinkles it looks like) from Phileo in New York, Not really news but I thought you all might like the picture! :)

Tyra Early Catwalk in Paris

This is a video of some of tyra's earliest catwalks when she first went to paris! When I found this I almost died! seriously! I fell off the edge of my porch swatting at a bug lol!! Anywho I hope you enjoy it!!


Scripted Shows in Tyra's Future?

I was watching some past interviews, this one from the 2009 daytime Emmys, and ran across this Q&A back stage. Tyra speaks of a scripted show that she came up with (couldn't catch the name, someone help me with that one) but was unable to pursue b/c of her full plate of other endeavors, but says that maybe we will see some scripted shows in 2011. I'm thinking this may be HIGHLY likely, now that she has ended her talk show to pursue her production company. Needless to say, whether or not she does decide to do the scripted show or not, there are going to be some BIG THINGS POPPIN from Bankable Productions!! I'm excited ;-)

Tyra Banks on Space Ghost

This video is when tyra and Rebecca Romijn both appeared on Space Ghosts. You may remember Ty mentioning Rebecca on the magaline recently. Anywho the video is below...