BootyPop your Buttocks

FASHION - Remember the 1980s when a tiny butt was considered sexy?

Well now you can have a tiny ass... but look like you have a bit more bounce in your bottom. Basically they give you a sexy ass like Beyonce, or at least the illusion of having one.

Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Reisler are the Canadian inventors of “Booty Pop”, padded panties that give you a bubble butt without the need for surgery. The panties cost $19.99 USD.

Bloomstone and Reisler met at McGill University. Bloomstone is a producer for CBC’s The Journal and Reisler used to be a fashion merchandiser. Together they've managed to make their BootyPop panties go viral with their BootyPop infomercial, and have since appeared on television shows The View, The Today Show, Regis & Kelly and The Tonight Show.

The pair noticed a societal shift towards shapely buttocks. Breast implants were no longer a big deal because what women want now is butt implants... but they don't want to spend a fortune and they're worried about permanent side effects. Enter BootyPop and the solution is provided.

Its a bit like the water bras skinny young women were wearing circa 2001 to make their breasts look bigger.

Or like George W. Bush's business suits with the padded shoulders. Same idea.

The pros: There's no risk, its not permanent and BootyPop panties cost about the same you'd pay for regular panties. BootyPop panties are cotton/Spandex panties fitted with two egg-shape foam pads and are no more complicated than a pair of boots with a zipper up the side (and if you can't figure those out, you're in trouble). That makes them ideal for date night or when you're trying to impress someone with the coveted bootylicious look.

BootyPop panties are basically for young women who are, shockingly, too skinny and have realized their flat ass isn't sexy. They want a more voluptuous and curvy look.

Booty Pop's playful warning: “The makers of Booty Pop are not responsible for all the extra attention you will receive as a result of wearing our product.”

BootyPop is not the only company trying to glorify a baudacious booty. Jean manufacturers have begun marketing butt enhancing designs and shoe companies Reebok and Sketchers are promoting shoes that encourage butt muscle development.

“People are always finding ways to look better. You take off your padded bra, your contact lenses, your hair extensions. When it all comes off, you better have a good personality,” says BootyPop co-designer Bloomstone.

Tyra out in New York

Pics of Tyra out and about in New York Yesterday (July, 22).

I guess this is the jumpsuit that inspired the "pee" tweets! :)

Tyra on All That

Im guessing all of you are old enough to remember Nickelodeon's All That when it was in its' prime! I was watching old re-runs and came across this one! I knew she was on the show, but I never thought I'd find it!! Any ways here's tyra back in 1996 on All that!!

Tyra at Heathrow Airport in London

Sorry Im having to make this a quick post but here's Tyra at Heathrow airport in London. The remainder of ANTM cycle 15 will be shot in Italy in case you missed the announcement!! Hope all is well with everyone!