Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Yesterdeay Tyra tweeted about her trip to the eye doctor and her puffy eyes, Im guessing becuase she new these pics would later be posted since the "paps" were out and about. Love that she practices what she preaches! Who else rocks up a make-up less face?? NATURAL BEAUTY BABY!!!

Intervies from CW's Its a Reality Party

To new videos from the "Its a Reality Party" event held a couple of weeks ago by the CW network. Tyra talks about rebuilding the T-Zone foundation and the newest addition to ANTM Vogue editor at large Mr. Andre Leon Talley!! Enjoy

Tyra out in Bev. hills

So a couple days ago Tyra was spotted out and about in Beverley Hills (pics below)and I kept looking at the pictures thinking that jacket looks so familiar! For a second I thought I had it at one point in time but then I figured out why....

Its an old jacket of hers!! Here she is back in 2005 wearing it!! See ladies, it's okay to save our favorite items because one day we WILL be able to wear them again!