Tyra's Online Magazine

SO As I reported yesterday. It's a go for the Magazine but there's a twist! Its and online magazine and will be featured on www.tyrabanks.com! Here's an excerpt from OK magazine from your's truly Tyra banks! "

I’m starting an online magazine that is coming out Sept. 8 on Tyra Banks.com. I’m so excited about it… It’s more from my point of view. The show is going to be on specific topics on a daily basis, this goes a little bit deeper to talk to the community — We cover beauty, fashion, self-esteem, relationships, just like the talk show does but in a more personal way because the user can go back and forth with me. I’m also going to be discovering stars. I’m going to discover models there, I’m going to be discovering people who work behind the scenes, doing a lot of mentoring and it’s fun."


Tyra "Banks" Another Emmy!

That's right back to back wins for Tyra banks for outstanding talk show informative!! It was a well deserved win against some great competitors. Congratulations To Tyra banks and all the workers at Chelsea studios who help produce our FAVORITE talk show!

Pics below of the nights' festivities!

Tyra at daytime emmys!

Red Carpet pic!!

Tyra at LAX...I think :D

Just a reminder, this is not Tyra's real hair for those of you wondering! You will have to wait until Sept. 8th for that!!

Tyra in Chelsea, NY

The picture when Tyra is wearing black was filmed monday in Union Square..This will be part of the Season 5 premiere show on Sept 8th which has been declared National Real Hair day! Be sure to celebrate with Tyra and thousands of others on this day!!

Tyra sings Proud Mary!!

Watch more Ziddio videos on AOL Video

Okay yal so this is one of my favorite videos of Tyra I have! It's sooo funny I hope you enjoy it! Rollin....Rollin.....Rollin ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!! -love you Tyra don't kill me! ;-)


Okay guys alot of people have been wanting casting dates times and locations for cycle 14 of America's Next Top Model. Unfortunately all loations have not been established but as they do I will continue to edit the changes for you. This cycle will be for those 5'7 and taller.

Las Vegas Saturday,
September 5 11am-3pm
Las Vegas

Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(The ANTM Casting Director will be in attendance)

Houston Saturday,
September 12 10am-3pm
Hilton Houston Post Oak
2001 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056
(The ANTM Casting Director will be in attendance)

Los Angeles Saturday,
September 19 10am-3pm
(The ANTM Casting Director will be in attendance)

Inside Tyra's office and dressing room!

Tyra's dressing room

Tyra's office area

So there's an exsclusive look at the design of one of Tyra's office layouts designed by Ron Norsworthy. I love interior design so I had to post this! The color scheme is gorgeous and I always love a white in a room!