Tyra's Online Magazine

SO As I reported yesterday. It's a go for the Magazine but there's a twist! Its and online magazine and will be featured on www.tyrabanks.com! Here's an excerpt from OK magazine from your's truly Tyra banks! "

I’m starting an online magazine that is coming out Sept. 8 on Tyra Banks.com. I’m so excited about it… It’s more from my point of view. The show is going to be on specific topics on a daily basis, this goes a little bit deeper to talk to the community — We cover beauty, fashion, self-esteem, relationships, just like the talk show does but in a more personal way because the user can go back and forth with me. I’m also going to be discovering stars. I’m going to discover models there, I’m going to be discovering people who work behind the scenes, doing a lot of mentoring and it’s fun."