Tyra dancing for Franca Sozzani

Earlier this week Tyra tweeted about spending Thanksgiving with the Franka Sozzani and dancing for her in her living room! WEll!!!! We've got the footage here first!! Enjoy! ;-)

Tyra out in hollywood

Sorry guys this is about 2 weeks late but still wanted to make the post. The site has been doing some crazy stuff lately not sure if it has been hacked or what. Nontheless, here are photos and video of Tyra leaving dinner and having a little fun with the paps.

Click below to watch Tyra give the paps a taste of their own medicine! So funny!
Tyra Gives Paps a taste of their medcine

Tyra Banks on Jay Leno 1995

Here's an interview from 95 with Tyra and Jay leno when she was out promoting Higher Learning. Very cute interview, she teaches Richard Simmons how to do the "Tyra Walk!" Enjoy!