Get Your Shape In Shape!!

What Tyra thinks about Dieting...

"This is not a diet, I do not believe in diets. I have been on diets in the past and they are a bunch of bologna, this is a lifestyle change," she declares. "It's not about being skinny; it's about getting in the best shape that you can be. This is a 'Tyra Show' movement. If I can do it and I love to lay up and not work out, and I love me some BBQ ribs and some ice cream and some Haagen Daaz, if I can do this, you can do this and still eat what you want, just not every second. It is time to get your shape in shape!"

Tune in tomorow, Wednesday Nov. 4th, to see how Tyra got her shape in shape as her very own nutritionists Heather Bauer reveals more healthy eating tips!!