What's Tyra Like??

So some of you know that this past week 4 other girls and I were invited to go up to New York for a taping of the Tyra show. This of course did not come easily we were grilled with ALL sorts of questions to prove that we were Tyra's BIGGEST fans or as they called us SUPER FANS!!! I cannot touch on what the show was about at this moment because it has not aired, But I will tell you that I was so glad to be apart of this show because not only was it for her superfans but about something she is VERY Pssionate about!

The question I keep getting from everyone around me is what is Tyra like!? Alot of people say that when you meet your hero or someone you look up to you probably won't like them as much anymore, but with Tyra it was the complete opposite. If it's possible to give her any more love and respect than I allready had then that is what happened. This lady is so Genuine and so REAL it's crazy!! She could have easily done what she was suppose to do, (ask us our questions shoot a smile our way and call it a day) but that was not the case! The LOVE was truly there and felt. She talked to us in between breaks, invited us to sit in the audience and finish watching the taping (even tho some of the staff were trying to shoo us back upstairs to our green rooms), and as if that wasn't enough for the last segment she called us back on stage and we got to help her answer questions. It was simply AMAZING!!! Actually there are no words to describe it!

Needless to say she is absolutely stunning up close. If you are like me and you see pics and watch her on tv and you're just in awe it's like 10x that affect when you are staring her eye to eye!! In my opinion, she wasn't even wearing alot of makeup becuase you could still see her freckles!! Even though she is beautiful on the outside it was her inner beauty that really got to me... JUST WOW!!

We also received autographed pictures of Tyra with our names on them saying Stay fierce love Tyra, which is something else she did just because she wanted too! We got them in the green room before the show and I immediately broke out into tears!! I was so scared because I had already gone through hair and make up and they said I better not cry and mess up their work, but I couldn't fight the tears. I just stared at the picture in disbelief and kept questioning "Why Me?" It was unreal!

Now here is where i really did some growing emotionally once again at the hands of Tyra. As we were leaving I was suppose to be riding to the airport with one of the girls and her mom. As we were walking out the door one of the producers said that Tyra wanted to see her and only her for a quick second. MY HEART DROPPED!! I wasn't mad at Tyra, I wasn't made at Emily, I was mad at myself. And I'll be honest I felt like OMG Tyra doesn't like me!! (crazy right? sorry Im only human!) I went on and got in the car and started my descent to the airport with tears in my eyes! We probably got 2 blocks up the street and I checked my self. I just experienced THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE and experienced something I couldn't have even dreamed of and realized that I was being SELFISH!! There are SOOO many girls who would have Killed to have been apart of what I had been apart of. I wiped the tears from my eyes and thought about all the things tyra has given me,(strength, confidence, a belief that I can do what ever I put my mind to, and I have almost defeated my fear of planes w/ch i only got on to go see Tyra) And that is something no object could ever compare too... EVER!!!

So Tyra if you are reading this, I cannot say thank you enough and I really can't even put into words how much you have done for me or even begin to Thank you enough! Just know that YOUR spirit lives in me and that it lives in my friends through me and so on and so on and That your message has reached millions whether they want to admit it or not. YOU HAVE IMPACTED OUR SOCIETY IN A WAY NO ONE ELSE HAS AND WE THANK YOU FOR THAT!! So on behalf of all your fans and super fans We love you Ty and we thank you so very much!

* What has Tyra given you? Not materialistically..But to become a better person? I want to know! And please Never give up on a dream, because dreams do come true! They may not happen when you want them to But they come when they are suppose to!

**Dream big and Achieve Greater**
Love and Fierceness!!