Fashion Vs Silly Gossip

FASHION - Why do fashion magazines often have gossip about celebrities in them?

To me it would make more sense (and appeal to more women's brains) if the magazines contained more feminism or politics. Issues that people can really talk about, discuss and try to change things to make the world a better place.

Gossiping about which celebrity is pregnant and who they are sleeping around with isn't going to change anything. That stuff never changes.

In other news I've noticed a lot more celebrities are now wearing cowboy hats casually... now if only we could get the politicians and feminists to wear more cowboy hats eh?

Just kidding, I know that will never happen.

But I do think there is some politicians and feminists who could use makeovers to make them look more professional.

There is this photo of Barack Obama, but he only did it for a photo shoot. He needs to be wearing his hat more often.